Albany California

ALBANY, CA-COME VISIT OUR OCEAN VIEW! Albany, California is a small city located on the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay area. With a population close to 17,000 residents, Albany has both small town charm, and big city excitement! While you are there, take a stroll down Main Street, shop at local stores, or eat at some of the best food in the most delicious restaurants the bay area has to offer. There is something for everyone in Albany, CA!

HISTORY! Did you know that Albany is not its original name? Originally named Ocean View, the city was renamed in1909 in honor of Albany, New York, to support the mayor Frank Roberts!

Don’t let Albany’s small town charm fool you; this city is home to the only racetrack in Northern California- the historic Golden Gate Fields! The track is set on a beautiful 154 acre piece of land that in between the cities of Albany and Berkeley. Easily accessible to you by both freeway and public transportation!

SITE SEE! When in Albany, CA you will have constant breath taking views of the San Francisco Bay area, along with the glorious hilltops of Berkeley. Just beyond the hills, you will set your eyes on one of the districts oldest parks, Tilden Regional Park, “The Jewel of the System.” While visiting Tilden, consider going for a swim at Lake Anza. Take an afternoon stroll through the botanical gardens or a ride in Tilden’s working carousel! But don’t forget your appetite-- the park also offers plenty of space for a family picnic. You’ll have over 2,079 acres to spread out your blanket!

RECREATION! Albany offers an abundance of activities for nature lovers and admirers! The Eastshore State Park encompasses 8.5 beautiful miles of San Francisco Bay shoreline, great for hiking, biking, and even bird watching. You wont want to forget your camera on this trip-- While walking the bay shoreline, you will have a once in a lifetime view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

If the Eastshore Park doesn’t satisfy your itch for the outdoors, the San Francisco Bay Trail offers close to 300 miles of trails to be walked with friends, family, and significant others. Albany CA truly has everything and more- with gorgeous weather, breathtaking sites, and a myriad of activities to partake in, you’re vacation in Albany, California will be one to remember!

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