Albany, Kentucky

Albany KY – Plan your visit! Albany, Kentucky is a wonderful place for people of all ages! Whether you come to this All-American city for a family vacation, to retire or to live, Albany is a thriving town with a warm and welcoming, hometown, country feel. Clinton County Kentucky is home to approximately 2,200 people. Although residents of this rural community are extremely close-knit, they are always friendly and hospitable to traveling visitors and new families that join the neighborhood. Albany is characterized as a family oriented, community based, country town – escape to this amiable city today!

Recreation! The city of Albany KY offers a vacation paradise for fisherman, families and retirees alike. With its ideal location, situated between Lake Cumberland and Dale Hollow Lake, the city boasts over 2,000 miles of shoreline ideal for water recreation. Bring your family and your recreational vehicles to this fresh water oasis – fishing, jet skiing, boating, canoeing…the possibilities are endless! Renting sport craft is also a possibility and both Dale Hallow Lake and Lake Cumberland have what you need for those hot summer days! Considering Albany as a travel destination? Absolutely! Rent a cozy lake cabin, escape to a renovated French style chalet, or cruise along the sparkling lake in a deluxe houseboat – discover luxury the affordable way!

Events! Known for its Foothills Festival in October, the city of Albany Kentucky draws in crowds of people each fall for many fun-filled festivities. Come experience this jovial fair comprised of parades, hometown spellings bees, lip sync contests and craft shows! Enjoy delicious hotdogs, cotton candy or snow cones from street vendors, peruse through lots of antique cars or sit back and relax while on your horse drawn carriage ride. This well-known festival, covering nine days during the second and third weekends in October, is held annually in the Square in Albany. Take a day off from your bustling schedule, get together with your friends and family and enjoy the live entertainment amidst a pleasant atmosphere.

Relax... or Retire! Not only is Albany a relaxing vacation destination, but it is also a great place to retire. The area is surrounded by pristine lakes, beautiful wildlife, and five-star golf courses – all within a safe, peaceful, and affordable environment. The city of Albany offers southern hospitality with small town charm and is an ideal area for you. The lake abounds with scenic beauty, crystal blue waterfalls, hiking, trail riding, kayaking and canoeing. Coinciding with the modern architecture of the city, Albany has a plethora of southern historical sites for you to explore. As you can see, Albany KY is an ideal place for you to visit, retire to, or start a family in. Come see for yourself today!

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