Albany, Texas

WELCOME TO THE FRONTIER! Howdy, partner…Thinking about traveling down South? Why not visit the oldest town in Texas! Kick off your boots and relax in Albany, located in Shackelford County. With a rich history, fabulous Southern weather and more, Albany has everything you’re looking for and more.

In Albany, TX there are always things to do. But if you are lucky enough to visit during the last two weekends of June, you can catch the local Prairie Theater put on its oldest outdoor musical: the Fort Griffin Fandangle. This special play offers a look back into the past and recaptures the charm of the old American West! The play also gives the audience a view of old wagons and buggies. They even replicate the first Texas Central Railroad train! With “frontier history served up with genuine earthiness, spiced by rare humor,” audience members will walk out of the show entertained and enriched.

Not only is Albany, Texas rich in old history, it also provides a substantial amount of art history as well. Albany TX actually turned its old jail into an art center, which takes great pride in showing collections that, most notably, express the culture of the region. It is also well known for its many facets of visual arts. In the courtyard one can view statues, live performances pieces and other fun artsy entertainment!

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