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As I'm sure most of you now know, former pro wrestler the 'Macho King', AKA 'Macho Man', Randy Savage died Friday morning in a car accident. Growing up I was a huge Savage fan. From ages 7-13 the guy seemed larger than life. Not all wrestlers have what Savage had. That 'it' factor. The guy would often wear blue and white tiger-striped pants, huge sun glasses, a jacket with foot long strands hanging along with knee-high boots. When he was the 'Macho King' for the first half of his career, dude would literally wear a cape and carry a king's sceptre. How can you not like a guy who pulls that off? You could never confuse his voice and his interviews were outrageous. You would have to decode what he was trying to say and Q and A usually ended with him storming off camera and you remaining confused. Savage would scream at the top of his lungs to emphasize a point, followed by whispering as low as possible in the following sentence. He would usually have his on and off-screen wife Queen Elizabeth next to him in interviews just to degrade her for two and half minutes. And Savage was as entertaining in the ring as he was outside of it. In a day where guy's didn't have buried alive or 'hardcore' matches, savage could wrestle with the best. Macho Man has long been established as one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, and will surely be missed by all those who he used to entertain. "DIG IT"

This is a classic Randy Savage ramble from the 80′s. I'm nearly 100% positive Macho sniffed a "Sheen" amount of cocaine before shooting this interview. Listen to the absurd sentences he's putting together and try not to laugh. Rock on Macho!

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"you may think so but I know so.."

the best part of that interview is: "space is the place dont go down that lonesome highway, dont get hypnotized" LOL what does that mean???


Wow that dude was strung out on some crazy stuff

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Zach Bye

Zach graduated from St Rose in 2010 with a degree in communications. After graduating he covered the same program in which he played, the st rose mens basketball team for one season before being hired as an analyst for UAlbany's division 1 football and basketball programs

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