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The Daily Take For Thursday, April 12, 2012

     I have to weigh in on the arrest in Florida of George Zimmerman.  What on God's green earth took so long.  I was reading a timeline of the events surrounding the shooting in a Florida newspaper, which revealed some interesting facts.  The one thing that caught my attention was in the affidavit of the lead investigator provided on the night of the shooting.  It recommended charging Zimmerman with manslaughter but was rejected by the state's attorney for lack of evidence.  What changed between now and then?  Does prosecutor Angela Corey have something else that led to the arrest?  One thing is for sure:  I would not want to be involved in picking a jury for this case.  There is no way Zimmerman can get a fair trial in Florida or anywhere else in the United States........ If you live at Dove and Madison this day was a long time coming.  The Albany Common Council will vote next week on the legislation to put in place permit parking.  This will allow people who live within a radius of the Empire State Plaza to actually park close to where they live during daytime hours.  These parking spaces are currently being used by state workers who park there by choice or have no alternative parking.  While you have to feel for these workers, being an ex downtown dweller, the moment you put your keys in the door locks of the car, there was another car waiting for your space.  If you needed to go home during the day, you couldn't park anywhere close to your house.  I believe the permits which are limited to 2750 by state law, will cost residents $25 per year.  If I still lived there, I would pay $25 a week........It's a little late Governor.  Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that the feds finally came through with $61 million in relief funds for areas ravaged by the tropical storms of last summer.  The monies are welcome relief for towns who's budgets are already strained by paying the costs of the cleanup.  What took so long to release the funds?  At the time of the disaster, the governor was reluctant to release any funding saying he would wait to see what he could "wrangle" out of the feds.  Some of these towns barely exist anymore.  Some of these towns will never be the same.  FEMA is responsible for providing 75% of the funding and usually the state and the localities split the remaining 25%.  Now the state will pick up the localities portion. This hopefully will allow the towns to pay some past due bills.

And that is "The Daily Take"

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i agree with all of the above and love the piece, but mr. mazur i would like to see you ponder this question: cuomo and medical marijuana. the majority of new yorkers agree with it (stats put it at about 54-60%) but cuomo is restive; most would say due to his potential 2016 campaign. i have been musing about the ethics of this for weeks. is it ok to let personal ambitions/opinions override the will of the public?
it harkens 2000 electoral college gore/bush.

While Gov. Cuomo seems OK with sweeping this issue under the rug for now, it will definitely come to light if he decides to make a run for the White House. Being the closet liberal he is, it might be wise for him to address the issue as governor; seeing he was out front on issues such as gay marriage. I fully support legalization of marijuana for medical use, and to take it one step further, according to Harvard Economist Jeffrey Miron "The federal government could save as much as $13.7 billion annually if it were to legalize marijuana. Half the savings $7.7 billion would come from not having to enforce the current prohibitions against the drug, while an additional $6 billion per year would come from taxing the drug similar to alcohol and tobacco."

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