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Two Common Technology Based Training Methods To Know About


1. Computer Based Training (CBT), Online Learning, E-learning, Web-based training: Training is delivered using a computer or the web, or CD's, DVD's and or videos. These training methods require trainees to watch videos, which are used as examples of the expected response to specific situations in the work place. In some types of CBT, content is provided stand-alone using software or DVD's with no Internet connection. The different teaching techniques used in CBT involve tutorials, drill and practice, games, simulation, problem solving, demo and presentation. These techniques are designed to help trainees to learn in the most efficient way that applies to them. The different techniques may be used alone or combined. CBT programs are designed to be engaging and to keep the trainees focused.

Features and Benefits:
• They are also designed to let the trainee move through the program at his or her own pace and repeat sections of the program if necessary
• Immediate feedback on the trainee's work
• Tracking of progress can determine if there is a need to adjust or change training
• Provides options for all types or learners (visual or hands on)
• It is more affordable than traditional styles of training
• E-learning: is accessible at any time and any place
• The audience can include employees, managers, customers, vendors and clients
• Training is enhanced by the use of multiple media and trainee interaction which ensures good job performance from the new employees

2. Using Social Media as a Training Resource: Social Media: Wikis, Blogs, Microblogs, and Social Networks

Today Social media is being used as a training resource, mainly because it is free and a lot of people are constantly active and interested in it. Social media is used as an accessible online and mobile technology to create and exchange content. This technology-based training method is becoming more popular and used by small businesses to promote their training techniques since is it cost free and very easy to use. This training resource also increases employee engagement, performance, and most importantly profits. Reasonable alternative to formal training can be found in the many of the social media platforms. Some of them are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Social media for employee training can be very easy to manage and very inexpensive. For instance, including a short video or web page that takes an employee mere minutes to watch or read. With smart phones, tablets and laptops commonly used today, tools required for the training are already out there.

This training method can be useful for:
• Providing links to resources such as webinars, videos, articles related to learning new content
• Determining future training needs and issues based on feedback using tagging capabilities
• Reinforcing and sustaining learning, coaching and mentoring
• Linking learners before, during and after the formal training event
• Engaging Generation X and millennial employees
• Providing content before a face-to-face learning event

• The credibility of training presented by colleagues or senior managers of your own organization as opposed to an external training expert;
• Training time is usually quite short and can quickly meet changing needs
• Follow-up can happen immediately after training (i.e. watch a short video, start working and implement what was learned);
• Rating and commenting tools on the majority of social media sites ensure timely responses to questions and increase immediate, meaningful interaction between employees; users and trainers can rate themselves and each other in real time;
• It promotes a shared understanding among employees based on actual training and ongoing communication
• It is basically free.

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