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We have already awarded two 12 week online interactive business classes to two Capital Region residents seeking to take the next step in their career, whether it be start a business, find a new job or career, or learn something new to help them in their existing situation.

We are delighted to be offering these free courses for 12 lucky recipients this holiday season in the spirit of workforce development, business startup incubation, and career training for those who have been let go or downsized.

To enter for a spot in the 12 Classes of Christmas contest, send an email to with your request for a free course, why you want to take the course, and what you hope to learn as a result of it. The courses included Modern Marketing Methods, Exceptional Human Resources and Entrepreneurship, among others.

The first 12 submissions will very likely also be the 12 recipients (the first two were inspiring people so we selected them right away), so get in your email request today!

"I'd rather entertain and hope that people learn, than teach and hope that people are entertained."
Walt Disney, one of the inspirations for Braathe Online Education

Exceptional Human Resources is an 8 week online class with real-time elements that will teach you how to schedule your staff, recruit effectively, delegate and motivate, as well as develop effective internship programs.  Best practices learned during Mr. Braathe's time as a manager with Disney, Apple and Gap will be shared. The real-time elements are in the form of webinars (or face to face sessions if you are within proximity of Saratoga Springs, NY)

If you are interested in this course, or others like it, contact us at or visit

I am headed to Tampa today for two days of baseball, and am enjoying the ability to travel without a computer with me. Nonetheless, I have learned to take advantage of the downtime while on the plane by prepping ahead of time for the flight ahead.

Since airline Wi-Fi isn't yet standard on all flights, I rented The Kings Speech and downloaded four episodes of The League to my iPad. I also downloaded some work for review offline and downloaded all the email available before I got onboard.

It's nice to be able to keep occupied on the flight; even though there isn't WiFi on board, the iPad proves to be a handy tool for business.

I've been a member of LinkedIn since it was an invite only site.  My buddy Hugh turned me on to the site and since then I've seen it grow into a multi-million member networking site.

Of late, I've noticed more and more people participating in LinkedIn Groups, sharing files, posting discussion questions, and more.  Here are some of the great reasons to use LinkedIn

- reconnect with past employers
- post more info than can fit on a traditional resume about your career and experiences
- get references from employers, colleagues, professors, and more
- list books you are interested in and create discussions
- simulcast your blog or Twitter feed
- find, post, and search for jobs
- post skills so people can find you via search
- introduce yourself to professionals inside and outside of your network
- create groups and group discussions
- share news and create discussions

If you'd like more insight on how I used LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook -
This Saturday at the Baptist Health 7th Annual Holiday Celebration in Scotia, NY, I will have a booth from 11-4 offering advice on business, technology and human resources. 

At my booth, you will get the chance to win an iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, or one of two $15 iTunes Gift Cards.  All you have to do is come to the craft fair/celebration (Free Admission!) between 11 and 4 and fill out an entry blank at my booth.

As an added bonus, even if you don't win one of the prizes, you can put up to three HR/business/technology related questions on the entry form and I will get back to you within 48 hours with some advice and feedback.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!


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One of the great leaders during my time at Disney was Lee Cockerell.  I had the pleasure of participating in his Time Management workshop while I was a manager there.  His manner of speaking and approaching the topic was so refreshing; he didn't speak down to the audience from a pedestal of a senior manager.  Rather, Lee spoke to us and related to everyone in the room with how he has been able to manage time more wisely and responsibly while still having time to enjoy life as well.

I encourage you to check out both of these great resources.  I have used Creating Magic in my classes as well as for my own personal reference and reminder of the lessons I learned in my 5 1/2 years with Disney.
Today Apple is running specials on iPad and iPod Touch.  You can get a great deal of productivity on the go being connected to the workplace and your people no matter where you are.

Many workplaces seem disconnected when it comes to allowing employees to work virtually.  

The HR Technologist shared a great article on using the Apple iPad for Human Resources.

A tool called Connect2Field allows people the opportunity to stay connected to their workforce on the go.

For more information or insight, feel free to contact me at 518-290-0812 or at
I have fallen in love with my Kindle Reader for iPad.  I tried it out on the iPhone, and the form factor was a bit small.  But after seeing my colleague's Kindle, I knew I had to get one.  However, once the iPad launched, seeing the Kindle Reader on it made me fall in love with the concept of e-reading.

Through Whispersync, no matter the device you are on, the highlights and bookmarks you make appear on the device.  I have been reading several books on the Kindle Reader and have found it to be very valuable for putting together lectures and refer back to material.

The e-reader brings access to people everywhere to reading material and learning material that once required visiting a library or spending 100's of dollars on expensive books and reference material.  Now, downloading a book costs less, and many textbooks makers are offering e-versions that can be used on devices that cost less and give the learner much more flexibility.

If you'd like to learn more about the iPad for education, contact me for a conference call/webinar or visit me in May or June on a Wednesday in the Crossgates Mall Apple Store, where I will be conducting some info sessions and workshops on Macs for Business and Education.  Check my Facebook fan page for more information:

I'll be doing a Meet and Greet at the Apple Store Crossgates on Wednesday May 26th from 11-1.  Stop in to say hello and find out about some of the great options on a Mac/iPhone or iPad for your business.

The Mac has several great uses for HR and Careers.  Many professionals use Macs for timeclocks, Quickbooks, Payroll Management and more.  On the career side, Macs can allow you to easily build and develop a website for your business, run a business with a POS system housed on a Mac and more.

For training, the iPad is a great tool as well. I use the iPad to read books on the Kindle reader for iPad as well as Apple's own iBooks app.  Additionally, I can do presentations on the go through Apple's Keynote app for the iPad.

Hope to see you on the 26th!

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