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Your Adventure Awaits
Crossgates Mall, 1 Crossgates Mall Road Albany, NY 12203 |


5 Wits Albany puts players at the center of the action as they experience immersive adventures, solve puzzles, and explore real life, hands-on environments. 5 Wits adventures are completely unlike anything else that exists!

An adventure at 5 Wits Albany is an experience like no other! There are three unique adventures to choose from at this new entertainment destination, and each one unfolds differently based on the choices you and the other players make.

5 Wits adventures are more immersive than escape rooms and offer compelling storytelling, theme park production values, and thrilling challenges.

At 5 Wits Albany, three amazing adventures await you:

1. Drago's Castle - A dragon has escaped, and it's up to you to return him to his storybook! Traverse the medieval castle, team up with a princess, and overcome the adventure's riddles and puzzles.

2. Tomb - The Tomb adventure will place you in the shoes of an archaeologist who has accidentally awoken an ancient Pharaoh. Take on the Pharaoh's challenging puzzles and escape the Egyptian tomb.

3. Deep Space - If you choose to enter Deep Space, you and the other players will be tasked with saving the world. To complete this adventure, players must defend the spaceship from incoming asteroids, fix the systems, and defeat an evil artificial intelligence.

Each adventure takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, depending on the group's performance. 5 Wits adventures are designed to be accessible to everyone. For young children under age 7, it's best to use discretion - loud sound effects, intense special effects, and challenging logic puzzles may be too overwhelming for the younger crowd.

With highly flexible group sizes and the ability to accommodate large crowds extremely quickly, 5 Wits Albany is the perfect entertainment destination for team building exercises, school field trips, and birthday parties.

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