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Catamount ZipTour and Aerial Adventure Park is the Northeast's largest and most complete self-guided aerial adventure park with 12 tree-top courses including 3 zip line courses. The park caters to all ability levels. Only 1 hour from Albany.

After participants are fitted with harnesses, they are led through a safety and park usage demonstration, fitted with gloves and are then free to navigate their chosen treetop courses.

With 12 courses of varying difficulties (think ski trails; yellow, green, blue, black and double black), you are challenged to cross bridges, climb ladders, obstacles and zip lines. The park is built to meet the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

  • For ages 7 and up...teens...adults....seniors (suggested minimum height is 48", maximum weight is 265 pounds)
  • No previous experience is needed
  • 12 separate courses and over 170 platforms - including three zip line courses
  • Over 50 zip lines
  • 2 courses feature 2000' of zip lines each

What is an Aerial Adventure Park?

In a 10-acre wooded setting near the base of the ski area, the Catamount Aerial Adventure Park (CAAP) is an aerial forest challenge park consisting of over 170 platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form bridges. There are 12 separate and distinct courses in the park with varying degrees of difficulty. The CAAP is not a Theme Park but the theme of the CAAP is ALWAYS ATTACHED. Safety comes first and the fun and excitement will come naturally. The CAAP is all about active participation as there are no motorized rides in the park.

The courses are designed from easier to expert and designated as Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and Double Black similar to ski trails. As one progresses through the park, the bridges become less stable under your feet requiring more balance, agility, focus and arm strength. Your time in the park is not a heart pumping activity and you do not have to be a body builder to make it through the courses. Ages 7 to teens to adults to seniors find their comfort zone and seek greater challenges. There is not a correct way of crossing the bridges, however we leave it up to you to figure out the most efficient way of getting from platform to platform.

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