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Pool Buying Costs

In the Capital Region of upstate NY a basic in-ground pool with the standard 3 feet of concrete decking and no frills can start as low as $17,000. Add more concrete, basic landscaping, lighting, electric, fencing and everything else you'll need and your costs will raise to closer to $25,000… If your yard is sloped you'll need a retaining wall ($$$), or if your yard has a high water table or if you want a larger, deeper pool with more decking made of stone, pavers or stamped concrete, more gardens, slides, diving boards, heaters, cantilever coping, special lighting, pool shed etc. Your costs can rise to over $100,000 want that 15 foot waterfall that cascades into the gardens around the pool: for a pool with the works think $200,000!

A basic lagoon pool in Upstate NY, goes from 17k-25K. Check out the simple spreadsheet below to see how things can add up:


Additional Costs of Putting in a Pool

Most pool companies do not include the electrical component of your pool. Here are some costs to have quoted:

Electrician Quote List

  • Set up electricity to the pool house
  • Set up a pump
  • Heat Pump
  • Set up low voltage lighting connections and outputs for high voltage lighting

Other Costs

  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Pumps
  • Steps
  • Poolside Furniture
  • Fencing
  • Pool Shed
  • Diving Board
Get creative, it's your pool! Just remember to consider your budget when planning.

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