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Pool Safety

life-jacketPools are a lot of fun, but without the proper precautions, they can be dangerous too. Don't let your summer oasis become a hazard. Follow some of our simple tips to keep your pool safe

Pool Safety from APSP:

The association of Pool and Spa Professionals recommends the following:

  • Fencing: Isolate the swimming pool with a minimum of a four-foot high enclosure
  • Safety Covers: An impenetrable covering that completely covers the pool, spa, or hot tub will prevent access to the water when there is not supervision
  • Alarms: Alarms are available for doors, fences, in pools, and as a clip-on for children. Alarms detect unwanted entrances to your pool, spa, or hot tub. (Read more about alarms below)
  • APSP professional technician make sure your heater is adequately bonded and ventilated. All hot tubs, spas, and pool heaters that are UL- or ETL-listed are designed with features to prevent overheating.
  • Indoor Installations - Pools, spas, and hot tubs located indoors must comply with ANSI/ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standard 62-2001 to ensure adequate ventilation and safe use.
  • Free Water Safety Brochures - You can obtain a wealth of water safety information by visiting or by calling 800.323.3996.
  • Rope and Float Line: Place these across the pool to alert swimmers to the separation of the deep end from the shallow end of the pool.
  • Rescue Equipment: Equipment such as a life ring and shepherd's hook should be placed near the pool in an easily accessible spot.
  • Posted Emergency Information: Post all CPR, other emergency information, and warning signs, as well as the emergency telephone number - 911 - near the pool, spa, or hot tub.
  • Outside Telephone: Be sure to have a telephone in case you need to summon help.

Alarm Systems: All the pool companies now have to include a pool alarm when they install the pool, the alarm sounds GREAT during the sale, if someone small goes in the pool, it will sound a really loud alarm.In reality, it is useless, I don't know anyone who actually uses it as it's built really poorly.They often go off with the wind and you have to race back to the pool and turn it off. Every time to try to use the pool, and you pull out the alarm it goes off which is really loud and annoying. There are better alarms than the ones that came free with our pool.

Good Housekeeping reviewed swimming pool alarm systems and recommends:

  • MG International Swim Alert - Available online for between $195-$215.This one is great because it's available and has a swim mode
  • RJE Technologies AquaGuard - Available online for between $400-$500.
  • MG international Sensor Espio - When our staff tried to find this online they couldn't find the make or model

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