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The music group, Band of Skulls, has a song titled "Sweet Sour" describing how I am feeling lately. "Drumm..drum...sour by the minute but you're sweeter by the hour."
Sweet because Downtown Albany's Sculpture in the Streets exhibit was lucky enough to host five world renowned George Rickey sculptures each valued at over $1 million a pop. It is only the third time these sculptures have been hosted and exhibited in North America. 
Sour because I know they have to go home and on March 26th cranes are showing up in Downtown Albany to begin the dismantling.
Sweet because I got to walk around Downtown Albany and despite the strange weather see the pieces in the snow, the wind, the rain and the sunshine.
Sweet Sour because I'll still see the permanent install of the Two Lines Oblique at the Empire State Plaza and Etoile Variation V at the Albany Institute of History and Art (as well as a few other locations in the Capital Region). And don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to have those. But I will remember them like I remember my eight hours at La Louvre. So happy to have gone - so sad to have had to leave.
Sweet that on windy days people told us they make a point to go look at the Rickey closest to their office and see how the shapes whip rapidly in the wind creating different experiences for them. George Rickey said that the sculpture itself wasn't that important. It was the space and the sensory visual the pieces created when they moved - that was the art. No offense to George but I think the experience will just not be the same with these piece gone.
Sweet that we were able to meet, work and hang out with George's son Philip on several occasions including a recent January lecture where Philip shared insights on his father's artistic journey. 
Sweet Sour because a closing reception for the Rickey exhibit is being held on Friday, March 23, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Albany Center Gallery. The event is free and open the public. If you see a woman looking particularly sad, that's probably me. I'll get over it.
Sweet that the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District will be announcing the 2012 Sculpture in the Street exhibit in the next few weeks. So I will relish in the fact that art continues to appear in Downtown and that Albany embraces works of art.
If you are interested in seeing the George Rickey sculptures one last time you have until the morning of March 26, 2012 to do so. Walking tour maps are available online, at many Downtown Albany merchants and the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District Office at 40 North Pearl Street. Or you can always experience the sculptures, sweet or sour, through the magic of video.
- MR

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