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Crossgates vs. Colonie Center – Battle of the Malls

Which Mall Is Better... Crossgates or Colonie?

For many years, Crossgates Mall in Albany was considered the best mall around, hands down. But a worthy competitor of late has put that distinguished reputation in jeopardy. Recent improvements and expansions to Colonie Center have been drawing more and more shoppers to Wolf Road.

But does Colonie Center beat Crossgates? We took to the malls to find out. Here’s what some of our fellow shoppers have to say...

  • Angela from Oswego says, "Colonie by far has a better Macy's. Crossgates has a better selection of stores, is much cleaner, and totally has more 'eye' appeal."

  • Liz from Schenectady says, "Colonie Center is a much cleaner and safer mall. The merchants are friendlier, and they make it a joy to shop there. Crossgates really looks run down, and it is no longer a high-end destination mall."

  • Amanda from Rensselaer says, "I like them both for their atmosphere. Colonie is much quieter - when I want to be more relaxed, and Crossgates when I want to jump around and really shop!"

  • Janelle from Hudson says, "I like Crossgates better. They have better choices of stores."

  • Ann from Albany says, "While I love DSW at Crossgates, Colonie Center is so much cleaner and well cared for. I also prefer the Macy's at Colonie."

  • Reneta from North Greenbush says, "I prefer Colonie Center Mall because it has a much better ambiance than Crossgates. Overall, it's just cleaner and newer! There is a good selection of stores that I like to shop in. Last, but not least, not any and everyone goes to Colonie Center, so it makes the mall a more enjoyable and comfortable place to spend the day, shop and not worry about the other crowd."

  • Ann from Palatine Bridge says, "I actually like both Crossgates and Colonie Malls. Crossgates is nice because it's bigger and the location is closer to where I exit the thruway, but Colonie is also nice because it has Steve and Barry's."

  • Amy from Waterford says, "I like Colonie because it's not as crowded."

  • Claire from Guilderland says, “I’d rather shop at Crossgates than Colonie because it has more stores to choose from.”

  • Bridget from Albany says, “Crossgates is better because it has the store Against All Odds.”

  • Tiana from Albany says, “I like Colonie better because Lane Bryant is better there.”

  • Heather from Albany says, “Crossgates is better because it has more stores than Colonie, and it’s more unique.”

  • Matt from Berne says, “I’d rather shop at Crossgates because it’s closer.”

  • Amber from Berne says, “Colonie Center is better. It’s nicer looking.”

  • Nayad from Albany says, “I think Colonie Center is better because it’s comfy with those living room areas that have the TV’s.”

  • Rafael from Albany says, “Crossgates is more alive. There’s more people.”

  • Kolby from Latham says, “I like to shop at Crossgates better because it has more stores than Colonie.”

  • Kayla from Latham says, “I like Crossgates better because there’s more places to shop and better stores.”

  • Shelby from Colonie says, “I would choose Colonie because of convenience and it’s quieter.”

  • Krista from Colonie says, “I’d rather shop at Colonie because it’s more convenient.”

  • Michele from Albany says, “Crossgates is too crowded. I’d rather shop at Colonie.”

  • Key from Albany says, “Crossgates is better than Colonie because it has more stores.”

  • Dean from Niskayuna says, “Colonie is better because it has more stores than Crossgates.”

  • Leah from Lewis County says, “Crossgates has a better selection.”

  • Jessica from Ilion says, “I like Crossgates better because it’s bigger.”

  • Megan from Herkimer says, “I’d have to pick Crossgates because it’s cleaner and it looks nicer.”

  • Belinda from Niskayuna says, “Colonie is better because it has better restaurants, more parking and it’s cleaner than Crossgates.”

  • Amanda from Latham says, “Crossgates is better for me because it has more stores that appeal to me and fit my personality.”

  • Linda from Red Lodge, England (formerly Colonie) says, “This all makes it sound like Colonie Center is the new kid in town.  Colonie Center was, is, and will always be THE mall in Albany.  Crossgates tries hard, but it's just "that one near SUNY".  Crossgates may be bigger, but that doesn't make it better.  Buffalo's bigger than Albany, but that, sure as anything, doesn't make it better! Colonie Center, no question.”

Which mall do you think is better? your thoughts, and see them posted here!

Heading to the movies? See show times for movies at Crossgates Cinemas and the Colonie Center movie theatre.


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