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What's New in Albany, Schenectady & Troy
Last night was the preview night for Capital Holiday Lights in the Park, and our good friend Kaila Morgante was on the scene (along with her adorable daughter Elle who got to meet Santa for the first time!).

santa albany
As New York's capital city, Albany deserves respect, but too often gets overshadowed by the postcard-popular New York City. At last, there's finally a case where Albany gets its proper placement in the spotlight and the Big Apple is nowhere to be found - Albany was recently named as one of New York's happiest cities, based on a study compiled by CreditDonkey!

Photo Credit: Carl Heilman II

Looking for something to make you laugh, cry and quiver in fear within 10 minutes?
We may have just found the perfect video to get the job done! A new horror/comedy web series (shot right here in Albany) is to be released October 30, 2014 - just in time for Halloween! 

On September 14, 2014, Hoffman's Playland closed the doors on its 62nd and final season as one of the Capital Region's premiere family attractions. Three generations of youngsters spent summers enjoying the park's classic rides, from the two ferris wheels and the scooter cars to the kiddie roller coaster and the iconic iron horse train. Given how much children loved Hoffman's Playland, it's no surprise that those kids, who have since grown into adults, came out in droves to support the cause of keeping the park from shutting down for good. Thanks to their efforts, less than one month after Hoffman's last day, it was announced that the Playland will have a second life with a new name and a new location.

Generally speaking, the beginning is the best place to start any story. That's where you're introduced to the main characters, learn the critical details that the rest of the plot builds upon, and begin to be sucked in to the very essence of what the author is trying to portray. But what if something prevented you from starting at the beginning? What if someone ripped out the first chapter and left it to you to fill in the missing pieces as you went along? That is the exact situation that Jen Sawicki has found herself in. Except this isn't just any story: it's her life.


bike-sharing.jpgThroughout your life, I'm sure you've heard the phrase "it's like riding a bike" at least a handful of times. Although it's generally used in a figurative way to reference muscle memory, Albany is looking to make it a whole lot more literal by joining a trend that has taken the world by storm: bike sharing. In fact, Albany's recent bike sharing trial is so significant that even The New York Times took notice!

The concept of bike sharing is simple. A city (or college or other institution) provides a fleet of bicycles to be signed out and used by the public (or students or employees) for a certain period of time for either no fee or a very small one. The goal is to reduce blockages caused by other modes of transportation, minimize carbon emissions, and combat obesity pedal by pedal.

This November Albany Barn, a venue known for inspiring local artists and fostering creativity, will play host to a whole new style of performance unlike any the Capital Region has ever seen. Prepare yourselves, citizens of Albany, because Creative License is about to completely redefine everything you thought you knew about theater.

Brother and sister duo Andy and Jennifer Novak are in tune to what downtown Albany needs. The Novaks saw a hole and did what any rational person would do - filled it with possibly the most delicious food in the history of holes!

If you're a fan of The Pearl Street Pub, The Capital American Eatery & Lounge, The Barrel Saloon, or Professor M. Barley's, then you're familiar with the restaurant stylings of owner Chris Pratt. These four eateries are well-loved here in the Capital Region and their success has enabled Pratt to embark on a new endeavor: Public House 42, which is now open at 42 Eagle Street in Albany


Are you the type of person who loves zombies, vampires, grim reapers, and deathtraps? Do you anxiously count down the days until Halloween rolls around and your interests can be seen as socially acceptable? Well, terror lovers, the wait is finally over - Field of Horrors is now open!!

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