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Blogging all over Albany NY and around the Capital Region! Blogs offer a great place to find little-known information about the area as well as great tips and resources to help locals and visitors enjoy the Capital Region to its fullest! invites interested community members and associations to contact us if you are interested in starting your own blog to be featured here.

What's New In Albany

Find Out What's Happening Locally, In The News & Beyond

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Shopping, Crafts, Comedy & More: See What’s Happening in the Albany Area This Weekend – Apr 27 – 29

This weekend is a great one for shopping in the Capital Region, with The Collar City Craft Fest taking place in Troy and the Half Moon Market happening in Albany! Check out what else you can look forward to with comedy shows, local sports, and more. Shopping, Culture & Fun Collar City Craft Fest Friday, […]

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Robert Braathe's HR & Albany Jobs Blog

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Staying Calm in the Workplace

Trying to stay calm at work can be difficult. With people constantly asking of you, trying to get multiple things done, and having others around sometimes feels frustrating and like you just want to scream. However, there are many different ways to alleviate some of that stress during the work day, and when it comes […]

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Around the Albany Region

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Find Fantastic Fall Fun at the Capital Region Apple & Wine Festival

It’s time to break out the pumpkin coffee and UGG boots – the Capital Region Apple & Wine Festival is coming up, and that means fall has officially started in the Albany area. The premier apple festival in the region, now in…

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Take This JOB and LOVE It!

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The Top 4 Sites for Your Job Search

In recent years, the way people search for jobs has changed. With the use of technology and mobile devices on the rise, your job search can be taken with you, anywhere and anytime. It is important, then, to find the right websites that match what you as a candidate are looking for in a position, […]

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Albany On The Spectrum

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Grief and Orgasms

Have you ever grieved? I once heard someone talking about orgasms – yup I’m going there for just a second – one person asked, “Have you ever had an orgasm?” the other answered, “I think so”. The response was, “If you’re not sure, then you haven’t.” And so it is with grief. Oh, you know […]

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Business Succession

An Albany Business Succession Blog

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Gifting Your Business

In past articles we covered investments to have your business pass to second, third and possibly even fourth generations. As you may recall, very few businesses are able to arrange such successions. One alternative might be to gift your business…

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The Daily Take By Jonathan

Albany News & Politics

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Requiem For Our Fair City

It has been a while since we have spoken, and I welcome all of our out of town visitors to our Website and to the city. There are a lot of good things happening in Albany these days….

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Reclaiming the Positive You


As Thanksgiving Day approaches, it opens up the opportunity to give thought to what we are Thankful for. Beyond that, we can Give Thanks by Giving to others and allowing others IN to our blessings. Many of my previous entries…

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