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Big Pools or Small Pools: The Pros and Cons

A big pool or a small pool, which is right for you? It's more than just the size of your family you have to think to about.


  • family-full-poolWhat your pool will be used for. Will you get your daily exercise in the pool or will you just be using it as a splash zone to cool off?
  • If you want it to be the entertainment centerpiece.Are you planning on holding lots of neighborhood and family gatherings?
  • Do you have the time and energy for the maintenance of a large pool?
  • Can you afford the extra cost of the large pool? (See our pool costs spreadsheet)

Read on to hear about one of our editor's advice when considering size:

"I wanted a big pool for entertaining, playing water volleyball, water basketball and Marco Polo, what I've now learned is I have 20,000 extra gallons of water to heat and treat. At the installation end, we had to dig more dirt, needed more fill and riverstone, larger drains and more solar covers which translated to extra cost.There is a LOT of fun to a large pool but it takes longer to heat, and is more costly in the long run.Assess your needs, what do you value more, a larger pool or more cost efficiency and less work?"

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