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Swimming Pool Shapes

Pools come in every shape and size! From rectangles to ovals, circles and squares, Roman shaped and every lagoon or pond you can imagine; even a triangle, it's what the mind can imagine after all. The swimming pool companies you meet with should be able to recommend what will work best in your yard. Are you practical? If so a rectangular pool is a great choice. Design Oriented? Then a shaped pool. A swimmer with a small yard and a small budget? Try a lap pool.

Some of the most common shapes are:

Classic and Rectangle Shapes

Rectangular pool

Roman and Grecian

Greek pool shape, rectangular with arches at either end

L-Shaped Pools

L shaped pool

Figure Eight Pools

Figure 8 pool

Oval and Round

Oval pool


Kidney shaped pool

Free Form: Lagoon, Mountain Lake and Pond

Free form shaped pool

Lap Pools

lap pool


Octagonal pool

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