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New Hotel Coming To Albany

What's old is new again here in Albany. With the help of state funds, the old DeWitt Clinton Hotel (and current DeWitt Clinton Apartments at 142 State Street) will be converted into an upscale hotel, which will be a major part of the revitalization of lower State Street.

Originally one of the centerpieces of downtown Albany, the DeWitt Clinton Hotel opened its rooms to the public in 1927. It had over 400 guest rooms and was frequented by businessmen, politicians, travelers and anyone who was anyone that traveled to or through Albany. Through the mid 1900s it served as one of the focal points in downtown.

But as the years past, lodging competition grew and people began to travel to other places more easily. This led to the hotel falling into disrepair and being sold to become subsidized housing units. Since then the building has not been treated that much better. In fact, in recent years the future of DeWitt Clinton had been up in the air. Some had it scheduled for demolition. Some for closure. Some for renovation. Whatever the rumor, people knew something had to be done with this once proud landmark in Albany.

It seems that the DeWitt Clinton building will have a bright future after all. Plans are in place for it to once again become a hotel in Albany. When the doors open next it will be a Hilton Embassy Suites, complete with restaurant, banquet hall, pool and meeting rooms. It will be the cornerstone of the rebirth of State Street, bringing with it new jobs, energy and of course, new life to one of the most recognizable buildings in Albany. We'll be watching closely.

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