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Part game, part theater, all fun. Plan your escape at Pursue the Clue!
1500 Central Avenue Albany, NY 12205 |


Could your life use a little mystery? Come to Pursue the Clue! Keep your wits about you as you try to get out. Search for clues, solve puzzles, work out riddles, and answer problems. Don't stop until you've put all the clues together!

Choose a different way to have fun in Albany with Pursue the Clue. Their mystery escape room is an excellent way to bring people closer together. Celebrate a birthday, have a team-building event, organize a family outing, or simply grab some friends and discover a new and awesome group activity.


What's It Like?

Typically, there is a goal to accomplish while in an escape room. You're part of a group that will search for clues, some of which are hidden very well. You'll then use the clues to solve problems, puzzles, or riddles. Sometimes the problems can be solved without clues, and other times you need clues to move forward.

If you're particularly clever, you'll solve the mystery in less than an hour - larger groups also tend to solve the mystery more quickly. If you're not done in an hour, a walkthrough of the room will be given so that you'll get to see all the surprises.

Not great at solving puzzles or problems? No worries! Everyone brings a different mindset to the table, and you can always play a role of leader or follower. Plus, you can ask for a hint if you get stuck (free of charge!).


McWhirley's Escape Room

Mr. McWhirley, a beloved toymaker, has gone missing! It's up to you to investigate why and determine who is responsible. There are some surprises in this mystery escape room - not everything is as it seems. Can you solve the mystery?


Zoe's Torment Escape Room

Years ago something horrible happened here...and it's up to you to figure out what.  Work as a team to hunt for hidden clues, uncover secrets, and figure out how to unlock the door.  This intense-horror themed room is sure to scare you.  It is NOT intended for younger visitors, both because of subject content and fear!  Please use discretion for children under 18.  This room has low levels of light.


Visit their website and book an escape room today!

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1 reviews from our community

Had a great time at Pursue The Clue, would recommend to anyone looking for a unique and fun experience! The best part about this escape room is that they offer private rooms exclusively, so you don’t have to share a room with strangers. I did it with one other friend and the rooms were still manageable and fun with only 2 people! We did both rooms they have—McWhirley’s Mystery and Zoe’s Torment. McWhirley’s Mystery is definitely family friendly and more of your typical escape room. Zoe’s Torment is a one-of-a-kind experience that feels like you’re in the middle of a scary movie—not for the faint of heart. The auditory and visual atmosphere they create is truly transformative. The staff is great, they help you if you get stuck to move the experience along, and I loved the level of interaction they create in Zoe’s Torment. Try it out for yourself!

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