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Fall Fashion Tips

women with wine glasses Whether it's the beginning of September, and you are shopping the back-to-school sales, or it's nearing Thanksgiving, and you are craving some new style in your wardrobe, we have you covered (literally) with this guide to fall fashion!

And the top ten must-haves for autumn are…

  1. Fitted jacket - Tailored to the feminine form, this trend is a great way to show off your summer figure!
  2. White shirt - Short sleeve, long sleeve, alone, or layered, a white shirt is one of those classic essentials.
  3. Black Pantsuit - Solid colors are slimming, and you'll feel like a powerhouse!
  4. Turtleneck Sweater - Bring your face into focus and keep those chills from getting to your spine.
  5. Neutral/Camel Coat - Its soft color goes with everything. Use year after year!
  6. Plaid - Don't let the men have all the fun! Try it on coats and trousers.
  7. Tall Boots - Made for walking. Extra tip: brown is great for denim, black for everything else.
  8. Pearls - Creamy and grey are classic, but pearls come in all colors.
  9. Sheath Dress - This little knee-length dress hugs your body, and can be worn in all shades and fabrics.
  10. Large Leather Bag - A friend for life.

Decked out with these trendy fashions, you'll go through autumn like a breeze.

Enjoy autumn with the Albany Fall Guide »