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Spotlight on Master Spas Hot Tubs

If you have looked into buying a hot tub in Albany you know that Master Spas is very well known brand! We looked at Master Spas at Concord Pools in Saratoga and Latham.According to Consumer Digest, Mater Spas' LSX 850 is the premium category best buy!

They are great spas and some are very "fancy" with built-in TV's, Lounges and Stereos.If money was not a factor, I'd totally indulge in the LSX 1000 with the SOL built in lounge, this tub has the coolest features from powerful pumps, dancing waters to incredible jet therapy.

Master Spas has a variety of lines with different price points:

  • The Master Spas LineLSX is the high end
  • Down East is the mid-level
  • Legacy spas are just their scaled down versions.

All three lines are made by the same company and are great hot tubs at a great price! I mean a REALLY great price.

The whirlpool seat in the Master Spas was one of the nicest experiences I have ever had in a hot tub, the jets stream the water around your entire torso, massaging your stomach as well as your back.We also really liked the Ultimate Hydrotherapy Seat as it gave an amazing massage, however, I wasn't able to get the full effect on the legs as my legs kept floating up.

Master Spas is the spa found at Camp David and they've won many awards.

Jets are a personal thing, some people love one type and hate another.We did not like the Swim Spa Twilight Series shoulder jets as they shot water at my shoulder blades (the bones) not the muscles and the spray hit my face and we could not reach our feet easily to the foot jets. The nice thing about Master Spas is that you can choose from a variety of configurations.

Master Spa Jets: I loved the feel of the jets.Most jets seem to "itch" they hit so hard and thoughtlessly that it's like they are attacking my skin and I don't enjoy the muscular benefits.But the Master Spa tubs were different they really massaged my back and the whirlpool brought that massage 360 which I'm sure has some serious health benefits that we are yet to discover. They've won more awards than any other hot tub company.

"Bio-magneticTherapy" - is a type of alternative therapy that has been around for over 100,000 years.I just love the idea of Master Spas bio-magnetic therapy which strategically places powerful magnets behind the Aqua Pressure Seat and in the neck of the reverse molded seat.It's supposed to alleviate stiffness, reduce swelling etc….I did feel very good and relaxed after leaving Concord Pools…

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