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Should You Buy A Hot Tub?

Thinking of buying a hot tub, but not sure? People often wonder if they should buy a hot tub. When they travel or visit friends they enjoy thier time soaking and relaxing, but hear people buy them and then don't use them. Let us help you answer this tough question!

Things You Should Consider:

When you go on vacation - do you look for hotels with hot tubs and pools? Is the first thing you do after checking in is send the kids in the pool and head for the hot tub? If you answer yes, to these questions, my guess is that you would LOVE a hot tub. If you answer no, then probably not.

Do you, or someone you love, have Type II Diabetes, arthritis, sore muscles frequently either from age or are due to sports? There are also lots of health benefits to consider. My mother is 74 and suffers from aches and pains and uses her hot tub every morning to loosen her muscles, she swears it limbers her up for the day.

Do you have a pool? If you have a pool and kids, I would definitely say … go for it. Kids get so chilled after playing in the pool. Lower the temperature in the hot tub for the kids and you've extended their outdoor fun for hours!

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