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Creative Gifts For Long Distance Family

Send The Perfect Gift To Loved Ones Near And Far

Living far away from family and loved ones can be hard, especially when there's no possibility of being together for the holidays... but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate the season together in a meaningful way! Discover great ideas and gifts for long distance family and loved ones that will show them just how close they are to your heart.

Recordable Story

A recordable story lets your loved one hear your voice reading to them as they turn the pages. It makes you feel close even when you're far. This would make a great gift from Grandma... or to Grandma! It will surely be a keepsake to revisit as the years pass.

Mail A Hug

Trace your hands or your child's hands, cut them out and string them together with string that matches your wingspan. Tuck it in an envelope with a little note about how you wanted to give them a hug, but since you are so far away, you had to send it in the mail. When your long distance loved one receives this gift, they can still wrap themselves in your loving hug, and it is sure to put a smile on their face.

Hot Cocoa

Buy a special mug and fill it with a bag of hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and a note to video chat. Thanks to technology, even though you live far apart, you can still share hot cocoa together... or a glass of wine, coffee break, tea time, or another beverage depending on your taste.

Lotto Tickets

Hey, you never know. Send a bundle of lotto tickets, and tell them to put any winnings toward airfare on a future visit!


Nothing says, "I want to stay connected," like sending stationery they can use to write you letters. For an added touch of class, have the stationery personalized and accompanied by a fancy pen.

Go Big (wagon)

Want to get them something too big to ship yourself? Order it, and have it shipped directly to them!

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