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Hybrid Sales On The Rise In NY & Capital Region

person filling car with gasALBANY NY - Have you seen the price of gas lately? Our gas prices are well above the national average, so many New Yorkers are smartening up and opting for hybrid vehicles.

Recent data shows that hybrid sales are on the rise in NY and throughout the Capital Region. Last year, sales increased 50 percent over the previous year in New York. The Capital Region is at the head of this trend, doubling the amount of hybrid registrations in 2007.

New York State now ranks among the highest in the nation for hybrid sales, topped only by California and Florida. As prices at the pump continue to rise, this trend toward alternate vehicles is sure to follow suit.

Looking to save on fuel? Maybe you're not in the market for a new hybrid car but are still feeling the pinch of high gas prices. If you can't go green with your vehicle, you can follow these tips to help you keep green in your wallet...

  • Slow down - You've heard it again and again, but it bears repeating. Keeping your speedometer low keeps your gas gauge high. Leave a few minutes earlier, and you won't need to rush.

  • Cruise - When possible, use your cruise control to help keep the RPM's steady.

  • Ease Up - Take it easy when you're on the road to conserve gas. Quick acceleration, revving the engine and other aggressive driving habits decrease your fuel efficiency.

  • Tune Up - Keep up to date with your car's maintenance needs. Change the oil, replace the air filter, keep the tires inflated, go for regular tune-ups, etc. It makes a difference!

  • Lighten Up - Remove weight from unnecessary clutter to save on gas.

  • Carpool - Ride to work with a coworker. Invite a friend to do groceries together. Swap driving days, and you'll both see savings.


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