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Tips For Planning Your Albany Wedding

Wedding planning just got a little easier!'s wedding guide is bringing you a collection of articles from professionals in the wedding business, as well as from their own staff of wedding guide specialists. From asking the right questions and choosing the right Albany DJ to throwing the perfect theme wedding, you can plan the wedding of your dreams with help from!


Albany Wedding Planning Tips - From To-Do To I Do

Get ideas for planning your Albany wedding. Set a budget, start a plan, and make your celebration a day to remember.

How Much Does A Wedding Cost? - Plan Your Wedding Budget

Weddings can get expensive. Let help you divide up your budget, save where you can, and splurge where you'd like!

Dream Theme Weddings in Albany

Find a theme that works for you! Read through our list of romantic, fun, and outdoor-themed receptions.

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party Planning

Planning a bridal shower? Choose the right venue and theme for your unforgettable celebration!

'Green' Wedding Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Find tips for throwing an eco-friendly celebration, from reception to honeymoon.

Finding the Right DJ for Your Wedding

What questions should you ask before hiring your wedding DJ? Get tips for contacting companies and interviewing in person.

Plan Your Wedding Reception Schedule

Schedule important events like dancing, cake cutting, and - of course - the bouquet toss!

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