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Pool Extras

Pools are good for more than just swimming! They are entertainment centerpieces. Accessorize your pool with deck furniture, fire pits, and more! Don't forget about the landscaping, waterscaping, and hardscaping. Your pool is only the beginning of your dream backyard.

Learn more about different extras you can add to your pool!

Fire Pit: Fire pits add hours of enjoyment to the pool area, and there are so many different kits on the market. Get a fire pit that is done by the pavers or get one that coordinates with your hardscape. A fire pit is perfect for s'mores with the kids, bonfires for teenagers, or a romantic evening for adults.

Water Slides: Imagine enjoying the perks of a water park, without having to wait in any long lines. Water slides are a fun and affordable option for families. Adding one to your pool guarantees a good time, but watch out for the added insurance cost.

Poolside Furniture: Pools are the spot to be for tanners and sunbathers, so equip your pool with lounge furniture! Add tables and chairs for eating outdoors (with your poolside grill of course!), and don't forget the umbrella for those who don't want too much sun.

Pool Toys: Whether noodles or floats, pool toys are an essential part of the pool experience. Don't forget to pick up life jackets and kickboards for those learning to swim as well.

Pool Shed: The place to store all your pool gear when the weather turns frosty. As a bonus, it can also accommodate your filter or other electrical appliances for outdoor use.

Hot Tubs: The perfect place to warm up after a day of swimming. Find the perfect hot tub for you with our Hot Tub Guide

Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Hardscapes: Don't let your pool sit in the middle of a concrete jungle and weeds, make the area around your pool relaxing and enjoyable with a great view. Find professionals that will make your backyard look great.

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