Decorate A Tote Bag For Mother's Day

Get creative this Mother's Day! It's simple to make a thoughtful and personal gift for your mother. A tote bag is a carry-all! Whether it's for a day at the beach, a trip to the gym, to carry groceries, or even just to carry another Mother's Day gift, a personalized tote will be a gift cherished by the moms in your life.

This craft is suitable for all ages. Totes can be decorated as simply or as complex as you like.

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Mother's Day Tote Bag

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. A small canvas tote
2. Permanent markers
3. A piece of scrap paper or cardboard
4. Embellishments including: rhinestones, ribbons, iron-on images, etc.

To begin, collect the materials needed from the above list. You can purchase the tote and all the materials from your local arts and crafts store.

Next, cover your work surface in newspaper to avoid accidents and insert a piece of scrap paper or cardboard inside your tote, so that the ink doesn't run through to the other side.

Kids: This is a great way for kids to show their mother or grandmother how much they care. They can be creative. Let them choose how to decorate their tote! Let them color, draw free-hand, make a stencil, or even print out an image to use as a guide.

You can add rhinestones, buttons, ribbon, and almost anything you can imagine to your tote with a little fabric glue or a quick stitch! The sky is the limit!

With Adult Help: With a little help from an adult, the tote can be made into a classy and personalized bag. Transfer paper allows you to iron images onto fabrics. You can print out images or letters to create a monogrammed bag. The possibilities are endless!

Get creative and get started. Your mom is sure to love this great gift!

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