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20 Things Every Girl Should Know

Glamour GirlThis one's for the girls! Upon turning 20 last month, I decided I would make a list of 20 things every girl should know. Some are meant to be funny, but most can be taken seriously. Some things you might never have thought of. Enjoy!

  1. The trick to wearing makeup is to make it look like you're not wearing any.
  2. Don't twirl your hair around your finger. It makes you look stupid.
  3. Guys can't listen to you and watch the game at the same time.
  4. It's true what they say about mother-in-laws... and probably worse.
  5. For frizzy, flyaway hair, rub a drop of lotion on your hands and smooth over your hair to tame the strays.
  6. Babies can wait. Enjoy your freedom!
  7. For under-eye circles, go with a very, very light and pinkish powder to cover them up.
  8. Your eye shadow color does not have to match your shirt... neither does your lipstick or your blush.
  9. Guys need to feel needed and encouraged just like we do.
  10. Anything and everything you do at a party could end up on YouTube.
  11. If you get a run in your stockings, dab some clear nail polish at the end of the run to keep it from getting worse.
  12. You should keep extra makeup at home in case you leave your makeup bag somewhere on accident.
  13. You need a little black dress.
  14. If you go swimming without waterproof mascara, just don't rub your eyes.
  15. Smoking is not attractive to guys.
  16. Wear a little less makeup when you will be out in the sun.
  17. Wear a little more makeup when you are going out for the evening.
  18. When your skirt clings to your stockings, rub lotion on them or spray with hairspray.
  19. Tears tend to soften a guy's heart when you really want your way.
  20. It's true. You are a princess.

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