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Gas Scam At Hess

Hess Gas LogoMy husband keeps a meticulous record of his gas mileage. He generally gets between 35 to 37 miles to the gallon - usually about 415 miles on each tank in his 2001 Honda Civic.

He was so happy about getting over 440 miles on his last tank that he couldn't wait to fill up at the pump and calculate it. We pulled into Hess (the one near Hudson Valley in Troy), and he got out to pump the gas, anxious to see how good his gas mileage was on this tank-his best ever. Well, what he discovered instead was infuriating.

His tank holds a maximum of 12 gallons. He usually fills up as soon as his gas light comes on, which allows about 11.2 (give or take) gallons of gas, and he never tops off. You can imagine his shock when the pump read over 12.9 gallons of gas!

We were like, are you kidding me? How could we have gotten 12.9 gallons of gas when his tank only holds a maximum of 12? It's not possible!

He got more and more bothered as we drove away, so we ended up turning around so he could get a receipt. While he was in there, another guy was asking for his gas receipt too - saying it was funny how they gave him a half a gallon more than his tank even holds. My husband told him we just had the same problem, and now we're wondering how many other people are being taken advantage of.

I'm not sure how many Hess gas stations are doing this, but we usually fill up at other Hess locations and never have a problem. This was the one near Hudson Valley Community College at the bottom of the hill in Troy. Beware of this gas scam!

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