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5 Third-Party Food Delivery Services Operating Within the Albany Area

Although it’s nice to get out of the house and eat at your favorite local restaurant, sometimes it can be just as enjoyable to eat at home. However, rather than spend time cooking, one of the most popular alternatives is to order in using a third-party food delivery service.

These services work directly with participating restaurants to deliver quality food to you, and to help you get started, we’ve rounded up 5 third-party food delivery services that you can use in the Albany, NY area.

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Uber Eats

You’ve probably heard of Uber, but how much do you know about Uber Eats? Featuring hundreds of restaurants across multiple cities and locations, Uber Eats lets you order food online from a local, participating restaurant easily and quickly.

After you’ve added food items to the cart, you will be able to see the total cost and the estimated delivery time to your address during the check out process. Once you’ve submitted your order, the restaurant will prepare it, and then a nearby Uber partner, in a car, on a bike, or scooter, will go to the restaurant, pick it up, and deliver it to you.


Grubhub is one of the most recognizable names in the online and mobile food ordering industry. The company is committed to connecting hungry customers with local restaurants that offer takeout, and to further this mission, their ordering platform features over 80,000 restaurants across 1,600+ U.S. cities and London.

All you need to do is type in an address on Grubhub’s website, and it will let you know which nearby restaurants offer delivery or takeout. You can even search by cuisine, restaurant name, or a specific menu item you’re craving. After you submit your order, it will be sent to the restaurant, and you will receive a receipt and confirmation via email and text message.


As its name suggests, Seamless was designed to make the online food ordering and delivery process as quick and easy as possible. Now part of the Grubhub portfolio of brands, Seamless lets you order, pay, and then receive your food when you’d like it to arrive.

There’s no need to pick up a phone - simply browse menus from local restaurants on Seamless' website, pick out food from one of the participating places, and then submit your online order. It’s that easy!


Founded back in 2010, EatStreet is a major independent online food ordering and delivery service that operates in over 250 cities throughout the U.S. They view themselves as the smartest shortcut from hungry to happy.

EatStreet’s online food ordering platform connects hungry customers to local, participating restaurants. After searching for restaurants near your address, you can set up your order, receive the ETA, and then have it brought to you from their food couriers and delivery drivers.


Feeling hungry? Mealeo has you covered! This third-party service has compiled a comprehensive list of restaurants in the area that offer home delivery or pickup, depending on your preference.

After visiting Mealeo’s website, you can enter your address and quickly find which local restaurants will deliver food to your location. Your order can be made for that day or for a future date. Once your food order has been submitted, it will be sent to the restaurant electronically, prepared by their chefs, and then delivered to you.

For your convenience, all of these food delivery services offer mobile apps that you can download. Check out one and get some restaurant food delivered to you today!

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