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New Experiences & Family-Friendly Attractions Await You at Apex Entertainment Albany

Editor's Note 12/7/20: Apex Entertainment is temporarily closed due to COVID-19-related guidelines.

The Albany area is home to a number of excellent attractions, but how would you like to go bowling, explore virtual reality, play in an arcade, and even beat your friends in bumper cars all in one place? At Apex Entertainment Albany, you can enjoy those fun-filled attractions and more. Apex is the Capital Region's newest family entertainment center where you can always discover new experiences and games to try.

Immerse Yourself in a Virtual Reality World

people wearing vr equipment

If you'd love to enter a new and exciting world, then virtual reality is for you! Apex Entertainment is committed to bringing cutting edge VR technology to their locations, and in Albany, you can dive into two immersive experiences.

The first, Hologate, is a multiplayer VR system in which you can take your friends and family on an exhilarating adventure. Fight robots, dragons, and zombies, escape a sinking submarine, and team up as you explore fascinating worlds together. The various games include Groove Guardian, Hyper GP, The Angry Birds 2 Movie Prank Attack, Zombyte, Rig Rebels, and more.

Apex Entertainment also features VR Rabbids. In this game, two people can ride together and feel the seats move as they go on different adventures.

Bowl With a New Level of Excitement

Bowling is a fantastic group activity, and there are multiple ways to play the game at this family entertainment center. Visitors of all skill levels can bowl on the 22 luxury 10-Pin lanes and 4 Candlepin lanes, and every game includes surround sound music, a cool lights show, and servers who can handle your food and drink orders.

10-Pin Bowling

seating area and people bowling

Although you can play normal 10-Pin Bowling, you should check out some of the other options while you're at Apex. E-Z Bowling is a simplified version of 10-Pin Bowling with 5 frames instead of 10 and kid-friendly graphics. You can also try HORSE, Creature Feature, My Shot, and Angry Birds (based on the video game).

Candlepin Bowling

candlepin bowling pins

If you've never heard of or tried Candlepin Bowling before, then now is your chance. This variation of traditional bowling features narrow pins, smaller 2.4 lb balls, and three chances to throw per frame instead of two.

Play Games & Win Prizes Galore at the World-Class Redemption Arcade

boy shooting basketball in an arcade game

Since the 1970s, arcades have remained one of the most popular indoor attractions for kids and adults. Apex Entertainment's world-class redemption arcade offers 65+ games featuring a mix of updated classics and the newest in gaming innovation. There are arcade games for all ages, and as the younger generation grows up, they can begin to play the more adult games.

At Apex, kids can enjoy Iceman - Water Zombie Game, Rubber Duckies, Whack a Clown, Extreme Crane, Air Hockey, Connect 4 Hoops, and more, while adults will love Tomb Raider, Halo Firestorm Raven, Hologate VR, Pool, Shuffleboard, and many others. Since it's nearly impossible to play them all in one sitting, you'll have to return again and again to master each game.

As you continue to play games and accumulate points, you'll be able to cash in your winnings for a variety of smaller goodies or a big-ticket prize. Points are saved electronically on your Apex Entertainment Fun Pass, so you can hold onto your points until you're ready to get that game, electronic device, or giant stuffed animal you've had your eyes on.

Achieve Victory in a Fast-Paced Laser Tag Competition

two people on a ramp in a laser tag arena

With just your laser weapon, gear, and instincts, you and other participants can enter Apex Entertainment's two-story, futuristic NYC-themed laser tag arena for a fast-paced competition. However, this is no normal laser tag arena. Apex's facility offers 30 game modes that you can request to use, including:

  • Base Assault: The Fire Team's mission is to destroy as many bases as they can, and the Ice Team's mission is to stop them.
  • Capture the Flag: Each team has a flag that other teams have to try to capture.
  • Color Conquest: This mission type involves different colored teams battling it out to convert everyone else to their color.

Laser tag sessions are open to all visitors who are at least 42 inches tall or accompanied by an adult.

Test Your Puzzle-Solving Skills in a Thrilling Escape Room

escape room with a lab theme and countdown timer

Do you think you have what it takes to solve fun, unique puzzles and escape the room? How about two rooms? Apex Entertainment Albany features two thrilling escape rooms in which you and a group can work together to complete all the challenges within a 30-minute session.

In Zombie Research Lab, it's up to you to find a cure for the zombie outbreak before an infected horde closes in on your location. The pressure is on to isolate the virus, develop the antivirus, access the global mainframe, and upload it to the grid. In the second escape room, Mayday Submarine, you and your fellow passengers have to figure out how to close the water-tight doors before the vessel floods and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Each escape room offers a different experience, so round up a group of your best (or smartest) friends and see if you can beat them both.

Crash Into the Competition at the Bumper Cars

boy and girl in bumper cars

Looking to inject a little action in your life? Hop inside a bumper car at Apex Entertainment and prepare to zoom around, dodge your opponents, and then crash into them to show you're the best. Riders must be at least 44 inches tall, which makes it a great activity for kids and their parents.

Get in on the Action at the Sports Simulators

two men at a golf simulator screen

Whether you're a fan of golf, soccer, football, baseball, hockey, or even cricket, Apex Entertainment has the sports simulator for you. You can play all of your favorite sports live on screen while your friends cheer you on from behind in the nearby seating area.

One of their most popular games is the state-of-the-art Full Swing Golf Simulator. This game can accurately track your swing and simulate what the ball would have done in the real world. Experience all the joys of golf in a unique virtual world.

Grab a Meal or Drink During Your Trip

large pretzel and sliders and pizza

After a day of fun at the family entertainment center, wind down and refuel at their on-site American cuisine restaurant. The menu includes everything from a buffalo chicken dip appetizer to sliders, specialty pizzas, salads, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and more. They also have a number of excellent vegetarian and gluten free options. If you'd like, you can indulge your sweet tooth with molten chocolate lava cake or another decadent dessert.

Apex Entertainment Albany guarantees a family-friendly experience like none other, and you'll always find a new game or attraction to try, no matter how often you visit. Come with your kids, your family, or your friends, and see what makes Apex so special!

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