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The Love Jar - A Sweet Homemade Valentine's Gift

Love JarI begin planning early for Valentine's Day... and I mean early! Usually by February 15th, I have already come up with my idea for the next year.

I'm really into creative ideas and homemade gifts for Valentine's Day. It's a great way to show my husband how much I appreciate him without spending a lot of money. Plus, it's hard to find good Valentine's gifts for a guy! This is an idea that both men and women would appreciate, and you don't have to be very crafty to create it!

I call it the Valentine's Day Love Jar. Here's how it works: Carve out some time, and write down a bunch of different things you love about your sweetheart. It can be anything... their smile, the way they brush their teeth, the funny things they say when they talk in their sleep... whatever you can think of.

Cut out each note, fold it up, and drop it into the Love Jar. You can decorate the notes with craft stamps, stickers, hand-drawn hearts... or simply leave them plain and let the words be the focus. Soon you will have a jar full of little love notes to give to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

How many notes should you write? It's completely up to you! You could make it an even 50 or 100... or you could go with a number that has special meaning in your relationship. I personally came up with 365 things for my husband because I started early. Every day since last Valentine's Day I have been writing down one thing I love about him for that day, along with the date I wrote it. The past year has seen us through a pregnancy and the birth of our first daughter, so you can imagine all the different things I have written!

When you present the gift, you can either have your sweetheart open all the love notes that day as you read them together, or you can suggest they open one each day for as many as you write. This will add in an element of surprise and excitement each day as they get to discover something new that you love about them for that day. Just a thought!

If you try this idea, I hope it goes well for you. The Love Jar is a wonderfully creative way to show your Valentine that you love them this February 14th.

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