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Art For Kids in Albany NY

There's no end to the joy kids can have in Albany. With all the attractions there are for kids, from music classes and face painting to magicians and more, a child could never be bored in Albany, NY.

The Annual Kids' Arts Festival

Each year in June, the Annual Kids' Arts Festival bursts in with fun and entertainment for pre-school through school age kids. The numerous, hands-on activities for children to enjoy are all aimed at introducing them to art at an early age, leading to a lifelong appreciation. With puppets, musical performances, and street performers, kids will have a great time, while food, free parking, and free admission will sure make parents happy!

Park Playhouse

Park Playhouse Kidz is an extension of the Park Playhouse theatre group. This after-school program in the Albany School District teaches kids the basics of theatre and performance. Through workshops and rehearsals, and eventually a full-scale production of a musical, children are exposed to a long tradition of performance, and make friends with their peers along the way.

Music Classes

It's never too early to introduce a child to music, and Music Together classes at Music Box Arts are the perfect way to start. Newborns and preschoolers will take lessons with their parents right by their side.

The Music Studio in Albany also offers exceptional childhood music education programs that will help your little one get started in music. Start your kids young while their ears are still developing!

The Empire State Plaza

At the center of Albany's activity, the location of several famous attractions, The Empire State Plaza is also home to 92 works of art. Paintings, tapestries, and sculptures lie scattered in the concourse, buildings, and outdoor areas of the plaza. Tours and educational programs are available for you and your children, or make your own adventure in what has been called "the most important State collection of modern art in the country".

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