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Parking in Downtown Troy, NY: On-Street Parking, Lots & Garages

Heading to downtown Troy? Don't waste time driving around for a place to park. Instead, find a parking space quickly with our information about on-street parking, public lots, and garages.

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Explore Downtown Troy's Parking Options

Whether you're visiting for a few hours, the day, or overnight, there is a parking option for you in Troy's popular downtown area. To help you choose, we've highlighted what you should know about each one.

On-Street Parking

In 2019, the City of Troy officially installed downtown parking kiosks/digital pay stations throughout the community. The cost is $1 per hour, for a maximum of four hours. These kiosks are upgrades over the traditional parking meters and are expected to make parking easier for visitors. Once you've received your receipt from a kiosk, you must place it on your vehicle's dashboard.

Within the Central Business District, on-street parking is limited to four hours between 8:30am-4:30pm on Monday through Friday.

Public Lots & Garages

There are multiple public lots and parking garages located in historic downtown Troy. The city features a monthly permit rate of $60 for all lots and garages, and a daily rate of $8 for non-permitted vehicles.

Monthly and daily parking permits are available by contacting the City Treasurer's Office at 518-279-7310. Accessible parking permits can also be acquired through the City Treasurer's Office from 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

City-operated lots and garages offer free overnight parking on Monday through Friday, 6:00pm-8:00am, and free parking is available on Saturday and Sunday. These lots and garages include:

  • Congress Street Parking Lot - Located on the corner of Congress Street and 5th Avenue (accessible via southbound on 5th Avenue)
  • Fifth Avenue Garage - Located at Fifth Avenue and Broadway
  • Fourth Street Parking Lot - Located at corner of 4th and Ferry Streets
  • Front Street Parking Lot - Located on Front Street behind the Arts Center (accessible via southbound on Front Street)
  • Green Island Bridge Parking Lot - Located on River Street between Jacob Street and Federal Street
  • State Street Parking Garage - Located on the corner of State Street and River Street
  • Y-Lot Parking Lot - Located at First Street between River Street and State Street

Please Note: During a Snow Emergency, there are special parking regulations in Troy. When a Snow Emergency is announced, make sure you review the latest updates from the city.

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