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Commercial Investigations LLC

Professional Background Investigations
622 Loudon Rd, Ste 201 Latham, NY 12110 |
logo for commercial investigations Commercial Investigations LLC specializes in professional background checks for all your needs.
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Find employees that you can trust with professional background checks conducted by Commercial Investigations LLC in Latham. They are trusted by over 1,000 organizations, with some of the best clients in New York State.

Commercial Investigations LLC is a woman owned private investigator specializing in background checks in the hiring process. Some of their main investigative services include:

Criminal Records

They can access any records that a potential hire may have. These include county, state, or federal crimes that have taken place. Looking into these records can prevent an employer from making a wrong hire. This is vital to a business for their culture and keeping their employees safe.

Cyber Investigations

With everyone being online in the modern age, it is easy to find concerning information in regards to a potential hire. Some of this may include malicious activity on social media. Other than social media, cyber investigations can help bring comprehension to an individual's online presence too.

Identity Validation

It is important to check the credentials of an individual that you may plan on hiring or you need additional information on. Through an identity validation process, the team can confirm or negate the identity of the individual. This takes place through the confirmation of a subject with their social security number.


A critical step in the process of reviewing a resume is to confirm its authenticity. Doing this can be helpful to ensure the integrity of the individual and stating factual evidence on their resume. This validation is important in comprehending if someone is truly a right fit for the company.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Considering that this may be a potential employee, looking into industry specific standards is critical. The solution shows the credibility of background checks and to mitigate any inadequate skill risks.

Continuous Monitoring

After a hire has been made, it is always good to stay vigilant. If there are any new criminal records or legal issues, this will be brought up immediately. Staying informed on any legal issues or criminal records of a new hire is helpful for the company's safety.

Other Services

Commercial Investigations LLC offers many services other than those that have been described. Some of these include motor vehicle reports, business affiliations, political, and more.

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