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Geovanny Marble & Granite, LLC

937 19th Street
Watervliet, NY 12189


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Having to remodel a kitchen and counter top is an adult fantasy and dream you want to come true after working so hard to save the money for.
After going and picking out our slabs that we loved and trying to find a fabricator that had an opening for the job was harder then we thought.
When Dru had said yes to the job and how fast they can have it done should've been a Huge Red Flag
Why aren't they busy like everyone else.
She came back with a price for us and can get it done in less then a week. I was told they would buy two slabs for the job and not to worry about anything it's her job to worry.
We came right over to see the slab and see how the lay out would be.
We left it up to Giovanni to organize the layout and he even said it would be tight as they only purchased one slab. The day of the appointment I was told they are just now cutting it hours before the installation.
Why was I told to hurry and come over to pick lay out then?
Two Installer's guys plus Giovanni
the guys started to lay out slabs and Giovanni came in after to seal the seams up. Never seen them use a leveler to double check their shims
and they cut out faucets holes after they installed cutting the holes dry as it began to smoke they poured a cold bottle water over holes to cut
hot and cold doesn't seem to make sense to me and would think it could crack.
Right then I should've said no to the job but kept being reassured that they know what their doing and let them finish.
I've asked about the scratches on surface and marks around the edges and was told it was from the Machine that cuts granite and all would be polished out.
Just let him do his job I'm told.
I noticed one slab was not cut even and left a gap from the wall
He began to add colored putty to edge that is seen walking into the kitchen and was told well just add tile and you wouldn't see it.
Well maybe make your cuts straight instead.
So now after all the money I'm spending I have to add a tile job too that wasn't our plan.
They even had the balls to bring in a super short piece for a smaller top of an end cabinet that goes next to stove and when I showed the guys they shrugged their shoulders and said they don't speak/understand English. Why even bring this piece into my home if it's nowhere close to fitting? Giovanni says he can glue a piece together to make it fit as they don't have any more of the slab left over. Again I should've said take all the pieces out of my home as I'm already not happy with the job.
But was told not to worry they would fix and make all right.
I spoke with Dru about all my
concerns and she said it's not about the money and she will make sure the job is done correct and I'm happy with the final results.
So I'm out looking for tile now and see not only do I need tile I need thick tile as the gap is so thick the tile would slip right through.
When I say this to them I'm told by the time I add the tile mud I won't see gap.
And would give me a discount towards having to get tile as money isn't in issue it's about my happiness in the job. No money discount amount was said at the time but I did say it's costing over $900 just for the tile and not adding material and contractor.
Weeks for by as they ended up having Covid.
Giovanni comes back out to take measurements for the small new piece replacement
( as they never made a template the first time around )
I bring up my concerns of the cutting marks and unpolished look of edges and scratches.
He uses a Black Magic Marker for some of the small scratches and says the next time he will work on the edges. He worked on a small hole that was next to a seam ( that looked like it got broken off )
and said once the tile is up you won't see the gap between the granite and wall.
But why was it cut short - crooked on this one piece the other pieces are straight and somewhat tight?
Again shoulder shrugged and said they will make right.
And in all this time I had the counter tops covered over the sink and everywhere else as I feel like the work is still in process and don't want to be blamed that I did something wrong to the counter tops.
So a new slab was purchased and I was told it cost them $3000 for it
Well maybe you should have purchased two the first time around and the guys would've felt more
comfortable cutting slabs and wouldn't have made mistakes.
So Giovanni and Dru come out after work to add the small section of countertop unprepared doesn't even bring sealant to glue top down.
They do however brings other stuff to work on edges and scratches
I point out scratches on new piece and he begins to color it in with marker 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Well just stop and don't do that to the large scratches.
They seems to be in a rush to leave and collect rest of money.
So they leave the "black stuff " for me to deal with the edges myself.
I asked well remember you said a discount for me having to purchase
tile Dru agrees and says how about half so I only received a $500 discount!
I really think it should've been more as I didn't make all the mistakes and sometimes a business has to take a loss.
This job has been in the works for over month now and I now noticed three cracks around the sink one where the faucet goes ( cold water was poured ) and the around the sink edge / corners I send a message and it take four hours to get a response of "it's a natural stone and cracks are common"

I'm so upset I said I may want to just have the whole granite removed and done over with another company
Dru said not a problem she can remove and give a refund.
But my concern is they would not care about my brand new cabinets only about their granite and making sure they don't mess or crack more of it so they can resale them.
Now I understand way their yard is filled with many pieces of small jobs of granite that they must've just removed and gave back refunds.

I'm now furious in the whole job and process and told it's just the way it is.
So I wait over a week to see if they plan on trying to fits the cracks
Now I'm told it's the cabinets that are installed not the granite!
Blame it on everyone - thing else

I'm a believer in helping out a small business and giving them my hard earn money to help them grow.
I'm not a believer in getting screwed over and taken advantage of.
And now speaking to one of the main slab supplier they now tell me they never use this company as it's workmen ship is awful!!
I sure wish they were willing to tell me this information before hand. Events

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