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161 Washington Avenue Ext
Albany, NY 12205


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A haggerdly "Tales from the Crypt" looking employee has inspired this negative review.She ruined my night and my shopping expereince with her negative attitude and gaunt unfortunate looking face. My horrible experience happened on 11/26/2017 at around 7:00 PM.
My friends and I came and picked out things to purchase. There was an item I wanted to purchase but I wanted to try it on first because I would hate to go back and return on item to a store during busy holiday season.
So I went to the dressing room and this pretty friendly employee who was working near the dressing room greeted me and asked me how many items I had. I told her only one. She gave me a tag number and I tried on my item in the dressing room. As I was coming out to give the friendly employee my tag, this ugly dark haired hag came in my other direction. She was given a huge pile of unwanted clothes by the friendly employee. As I was giving the friendly employee my tag..this hag had the nerve to look at me and say "EXCUSE YOU" before running off to the back. It happened so fast. I can't stand people who make rude comments and run off. How about you stand there to get cussed out and stop being a coward.
Mind you, I said or did nothing rude to this miserable looking "woman". She was coming the opposite direction and actually cut me off before I gave the tag to the young lady. I am always polite and always thank people who open doors. If I am in people's way..I always move and loudly say"Oh,Im so sorry". I always hold the door for the person affter me, even if it takes me 10 minutes. I hate to sit here and boast, because that is not in my nature. But to tell someone "Excuse you" is plain rude and downright tacky.I haven't heard such nonsense from the worst employees. I did nothing to that employee to warrant that type of nasty behaviour.I was so taken back by her comment I told my friend who was with me and she said "Oh that lady"? my friend saw her glaring from the entrance way. So this employee is no stranger to poor customer service. Just a tip from a former business manager and also a negative employee can and will bring your business down. Trust and believe if she has the everlasting nerve to say that to one person, I am pretty sure she has said it to others.
Also, for the employee herself. I honestly hope you change your way because karma is no joke. What goes around comes around. For you to be that miserable must be the consequences of your actions in life. Youre such a sad miserable evil rotted person. You work FOR Tjmaxx, and you just gave them a negative review based on your horrible customer service skills.
Anywho, other than that negative Nancy, the store was nice. It was clean and had some great variety. The people at the main registers were friendly and nice. Other than the dark cloud I just mentioned, TJMAXX is recommended by me. I won't let one bad apple ruin the whole batch. But unless that bad apple is gone, the rating will still stay. Because bad customer service ruins any and all business. Events

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    Today until Friday, Jan 19, 2018
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  • Exhibition: "Probability & Uncertainty"
    Today until Saturday, Jan 20, 2018
    The latest exhibition at the Mandeville Gallery, Probability & Uncertainty, will feature over thirty historic scientific instruments from the Union College Permanent Collection, juxtaposed with six contemporary female artists working...
  • Empire ''Skate'' Plaza - Part of Winter at the Plaza
    Today until Sunday, Jan 21, 2018
    Now in its 7th year, the tremendously popular Empire State Plaza Ice Rink is open daily December 1 through March 11, from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (closed for maintenance...
  • Improv Jam! at Mopco
    Play, laugh and learn in an improvised event that's equal parts party, class, and show.
  • Science Lecture Series: Restoration From the Plants Up! at the Pine Bush
    “So we’ve cut down the trees…now what?” Clearing land of invasive species like Black Locust is the first step on the journey toward restoration, but the lion’s share of the...
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous Meeting: Solutions
    Take the next step in overcoming your sexual addiction by attending a local Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting in the Albany, NY area.
  • Hoot Owl Moon
    Come see Hoot Owl Moon perform live at Wolf hollow Brewing Company!
  • Gli Stranieri: Cultural Presentation
    Retired educator John Capano will present the fruition of his research into discovering the birthplace of his paternal and maternal grandparents and his memorable time with his Italian distant cigini...
  • Siena Men's Basketball at the Times Union Center
    Siena will be taking on Marist.
  • The Power of Story for Stepping into Meditation
    Our guest teller, Janaki Ramkumar will share stories and techniques she uses in teaching meditation classes at the Strom Wellness Center in Delmar.
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