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Loudonville in Colonie, NY

North of Albany and south of Newtonville lies the hamlet of Loudonville. With reminders of the Thomas Jefferson days and a country club modeled on George Washington's beloved Mount Vernon, Loudonville is a tip of the hat to American patriotism at its birth.

Real Estate in Latham

There are numerous types of homes in Loudonville, and many currently on the market. From large, mansion-like retreats with ample space and protective trees (reminiscent of the historic Jeffersonian houses on Loudon Road) to cozy, single family homes on neighborly streets and less work for the lawn mower, Real Estate is readily available in Latham.

Vendors and other services seeking Commercial Real Estate will find that Loudonville is a quieter hamlet than the Albany city, with less fierce competition and lower fees and rates.


Loudonville fondly remembers olden days at the birth of the country, and this is msot astutely reflected in its architecture, most notably in the aforementioned Jeffersonian mansions lining Loudon Road, and the Schuyler Meadows Country Club, a golf course built in the fashion of Mount Vernon, the legendary plantation and burial place of the first President of the United States.


Loudonville is north of Albany, and near Siena College, a private Catholic University with an impressive reputation.

For more information, visit the Town of Colonie website (includes Loudonville).

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