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Local Jimmy Fallon To Replace Conan

SAUGERTIES NY - The future looks bright for SNL star and Saugerties native Jimmy Fallon. With Conan O'Brien replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, it left the Late Night host's chair up for grabs. It has long been rumored, and it's finally official that Fallon will take over as the new Late Night talk show host on NBC next year.

With an eight-year history on Saturday Night Live and a few comedies under his belt, Fallon has established himself as a worthy Conan successor. Even before his career set off, Fallon was destined for world of television comedy. In school he was voted the most likely David Letterman successor!

Still, there are critics who say Fallon's material just isn't funny. Some even go so far as to say his presence on SNL marked the downturn of the show.

So that raises the question... is Fallon funny enough to replace Conan? We pulled together a few videos and figured we'd let you be the judge. See the Jimmy Fallon videos here.

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