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LED Lights Illuminate City Of Troy

Permanent LED light display illuminates the Troy riverfront every day from dusk to midnight.

Art Gallery Albany NYTROY NY - It's LED Lights-Spectacular in the Collar City! If you have driven into the City of Troy at night recently, you may have noticed the waterfront all aglow with florescent lights. It certainly sets the city apart!

These LED lights are now a permanent feature along the riverfront, illuminating the Hedley Building and smokestack with pink and yellow florescent lights. Colors will change for holidays and special events. Troy city leaders say they plan to light up more buildings and trees in the Collar City with these vibrant LED light displays in the future.

RPI's Lighting Research Center designed the LED lights, and the light display made its debut back in April during Troy Night Out, the Collar City's arts night celebration. The project was part of First Columbia's revitalization plan for the Hedley District.

Troy's LED lights turn on at dusk each evening and off at midnight.

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