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Albany NY Ranked 11th Smartest US City

A recent study done by Bizjournals shows Albany NY ranked the 11th smartest US city, topping Denver, Baltimore, Hartford, NYC and all other metros in New York State.

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Who knew we were so smart? Our local schools hold students to the highest standards, from grade school all the way through college. Teachers may be questioned by their students each year, "When are we going to use this?" Perhaps it is paying off after all!

According to Bizjournals writer G. Scott Thomas, "Cities with educated workforces have a brighter economic future... The study's objective was to identify those metros that have the highest levels of collective brainpower, as indicated by their residents' educational attainment."

The methodology behind the study was based on a points system. Each level of education was assigned a point value, and educational attainment for adults ages 25-64 were used to determine each city's point total. The results were ranked accordingly.

The nation's 100 largest metros were ranked in this study, and Albany NY came in an impressive 11th. Innovative technology, nanotech industry and concentration of great colleges in Albany undoubtedly attract many intelligent residents, which likely contributed to this distinction.

11th smartest city in the US... now that's something to brag about. Way to go, Albany!

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