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Albany County To Ban Trans Fats In Local Restaurants

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Albany NY - The Albany County Health Department declared a ban on the use of trans fats in local restaurants and eateries, which will go into effect in 2009.

After January 1, 2009, no restaurant or eating establishment in Albany County will be allowed to use oils, shortenings and other products containing trans fats for frying or spreads. After July 1, 2009, trans fats will be restricted in baked goods as well.

The ban restricts all eating establishments, including chain restaurants, from using trans fats in meal preparation throughout Albany County. Inspectors will be checking local restaurants for violators, who could be charged a $1,000 fine.

The goal behind the Albany County trans fats ban is to improve the health of County residents. According to County Health Commissioner Dr. James Crucetti, the consumption of artificial trans fats has been linked to heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in Albany County. Reducing trans fats consumption could improve the health of County residents as a whole.

"Everyone will be healthier," said County Executive Michael Breslin. "When people are going out to eat, they will know what to look for and can get non-trans fat food."

Breslin compared the Albany County trans fats ban to other laws that protect the public good, such as prohibiting smoking in restaurants and making drunk driving illegal.

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