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40 Lodge Street
Albany, NY 12207


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I was there for my church convention from the 20th and 21st, only 1 elevator was working,i had to walk down 10 flights with my luggage on Sunday when I was checking ot, people were waiting on elevators for up to 45 mins. the ball room where we were was sooooooooo hot,over 500 people were in attendance the treatment should have been better.

I've stayed in many hotels over the years and this has been my worst experience. The staff were rude. They took a long time to clean the rooms and even when they did come, all they did was make up the bed. The bathroom wasn't touched. They didn't always provide fresh towels and washcloths. Food trays remained in the hallway for days. Only 1 or 2 elevators worked during my entire stay which is unacceptable for the amount of people staying at the hotel. The stairwell wasn't clean. Dead roaches were on the floor. There was no AC in many of the rooms including the conference room. The least they could have done was be empathetic and apologetic however they were not. The staff responded to their visitors in an arrogant manner. My advice: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! Albany has many hotels to choose from.

Hilton Albany Review

I am writing this review to express my recent disappointment as a customer and guest of Hilton Hotel the weekend of July 19-21.

Check In: The room rates given were not consistently applied to the 3 rooms I reserved.  I was provided with the sales office phone number to resolve this conflict. When I called Sales I was informed that the rates were all consistent on their end and I was then bounced back to the front desk.  It took approximately a half hour to check in.

The Room & Hallways:  I was located on the 4th floor.  My room, 401 was not cleaned to the standard I have observed as a previous guest of Hilton Albany.  A bottle cap was left on the desk, the sheets were stained, & hair was in tub.  Housekeeping came and changed the sheets but stated: “I don’t see anything wrong with this but whatever”. I believe that’s a rude and unprofessional response!

Upon arriving I noticed glasses in the hallway and trays from room service from I assume the precious guests.  It took several phone calls and trips to the front desk to finally have them removed  by ?Saturday evening around 4:30pm?!  That’s 24 hours from when I initially expressed concern!  It’s disgusting to leave dirty dishes in the hallway for over 24 hrs and from previous guests!  
The toilet bowl has scratches inside indicating possible plumbing issues which proved true.  The toilet struggled to flush daily.

Ballroom (large one): The HVAC was very poor.  It became difficult to breathe.  Those with asthma struggled as well as the elderly

Elevators: 2 out of 4 workers and occasionally none worked at all. Again, unacceptable!!

Overall, this is my worst hotel experience I have had in over 30 years.  
You all can and must do better!!

I understand a bad weekend as a service organization, however what I experienced during my stay far exceeds a bad weekend. The managerial & staff responses clearly indicates a break down of efficient operations.

I will NOT recommend this hotel to anyone.

My experience at Hilton Albany was the worst experience I've had at a hotel in all my years of attending various conferences and events. Air conditioner in rooms and main hall did not work the entire weekend. The vents had hot air coming through them and the thermostat did not work, as upon arrival we put in on 55 degrees and the room was so hot, I could not sleep. The thermostat read 79 degrees. Only one elevator was working, which was ridiculous during a conference with hundreds of people present. Good thing my room was on the 2nd floor, but the area I had to go through to get to my room was extremely dirty, hot and had a very foul odor. The room smelled musty due to the ventilation issue and the refrigerator was also out of order. This Hotel needs to close down and make all necessary renovations! Why take money from a group of people, knowing that your facility is unsafe and unsanitary. This makes no sense! Do NOT waste your time booking this Hotel!

This was the worst hotel experience I have ever had. My group came with more than 500 people and only one elevator was working. We had handicap individuals, people with heart issues, and different health issues who had difficulty staying in the conference room that weekend. I was concerned for the elderly who has to endure those hot temperatures in the conference room and hotel rooms. The main ballroom had no air conditioner all weekend (July 19-21). The bedrooms in which we stayed had no air conditioning and I began my stay there from the Thursday the 18th. When we asked for a fan from the desk clerk and they said to open up the widows to let in more hot air. The room across from me temperature stayed at 80 degrees the whole weekend.
Those who were on the 12 floor had to walk up all those flights of stairs because the wait for the Elevator was 30-45 minutes. On Sunday one of my friends said that the elevator slipped down one floor when they were about to get off on her floor. The staff was no accommodating and was very rude to some of my friends staying in the hotel. This hotel needs attention from the corporate office as soon as possible. Events

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