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drone in the air Their FAA certified drone pilots are experienced in flight and photography.
An Albany Sunset from over the Hudson Beautiful Aerial Images from Sky Photos
aerial view of people on a rooftop patio Have an event that needs a big picture? The company can safely film special events and gatherings.
Albany, NY Skyline
Panoramic view of The Rensselaer-Albany area of the Hudson River
southern Albany neighborhood
Real estate photography indoors and out
Fire department inspecting their equipment
Roof inspections of solar equipment
Scenes from Schuylerville, NY and the Hudson River
Albany Skyline from the Hudson River
Real Estate aerial photography
Business Selfies for making your business stand out
Albany Skyline looking East
Business Selfie of a Dutch Apple
Troy Sunset and skyline
Real Estate Interior, Exterior, and 3D Tours


Is a drone program right for your business? Enhance monitoring, surveying, inspections, and marketing with Sky Photos, LLC's tailored services. We provide aerial, ground and thermal imagery to support your endeavor! We work to tell your story!

Plan Your Mission with Sky Photos

Based in New York's Capital Region, Sky Photos is ready to make each photography mission they receive a success. The business has a team of FAA certified drone pilots who are fully insured and experienced in flight, photography and thermography. Their equipment is state of the art, and they are trained in capturing the main aspects of your event or location safely and from a unique angle.

Explore Your Solutions

Sky Photos offers a variety of aerial photography solutions depending on your needs, including:

  •  Precision Insights: Gain a competitive edge with aerial data for informed decision-making.
  • Cost-Efficient Solutions: Save on traditional inspection costs with our drone services.
  • Enhanced Marketing Impact: Elevate your brand and property visibility for increased returns.
  • Streamlined Operations: Improve efficiency in construction, inspections, and project management.
  • Risk Mitigation: Minimize risks, enhance safety, and protect your investments with our aerial expertise.
  • Industry specific solutions in 
    • Roof and facade analysis (Visual and Thermal)
    • builsing thermal imagery
    • Search and Rescue operations
    • Construction
    • Environmental monitoring and conservation
    • Real Estate (Interior, Exterior, and 3d Virtual Tours!)
    • Small and midsize marketing

Some recent examples include mapping missions before and after events to analyze traffic flow and environmental damage, Real Estate Listings, and insurance inspections, and housing complex documentation. What can your business do with a new view of your operations!

In a world where every detail matters, Sky Photos LLC is your trusted partner for comprehensive drone-based solutions. From capturing the grandeur of architectural marvels to ensuring the structural integrity of vital infrastructures, we are committed to elevating your project through the lens of unparalleled expertise.

  • FAA Certified Drone Piloting
  • Insured in the air and on the ground
  • Thermography-1 certified
  • Trained in image post processing

Find us throughout the capital region!

Ready to get started? Visit their website to plan your mission today!

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Sky Photos Introductoion
A relaxing overview of Hudson river commerce
Example 360 degree "3d" tour
Commercial Media
Commercial Media

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