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Nanotechnology Education & Training: In Albany's Workplace and at the University

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Albany is the place to be if you want to learn about anything within the nanotechnology field. This goes for people who are new to the industry, and even experienced professionals who wish to increase the scope of their knowledge in nanotech.

One of the main reasons why Albany is the perfect location for this field is the quality of nanotechnology education that the University of Albany offers. With an eye towards the future, U Albany set out to build a curriculum that would enable its graduates to be leaders in new fields like nanotechnology when they completed their coursework. This objective for the University was never so apparent than when UAlbany became the first school in the world to offer a degree in Nanoeconomics.

UAlbany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering was also the first school to focus entirely on bringing the study of the engineering and science fields of nanotechnology together. This has not only led the University to be seen as the leader in nanotechnology education, but also has helped bring in companies in the nanotech field to the Albany Tech Valley region. Knowing that there is a local school dedicated to graduating highly educated and capable candidates to be employed in their industry is a big draw for these companies. Being able to work with the University on projects is also a huge plus for businesses and research companies.

This leads to another big reason why it's a good idea to be in Albany to get educated in nanotechnology: Albany NY is the nanotech capital of the world! There are a number of nanotech companies doing business in the region. Many are on the leading edge of the science they are working on, and in developing new methods and researching ideas that have never been seen before, they are creating learning experiences everyday.

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