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Pine Hills Neighborhood In Albany NY

About Pine Hills Neighborhood:

yellow, red, and blue playgroundThe diverse Pine Hills Neighborhood in Albany NY is full of both residents and businesses, located near the College of Saint Rose and UAlbany. The proximity to these universities makes Pine Hill a popular residence for students, keeping a well-maintained balance between the permanent tried-and-true residents of the area and the new, fresh young collegian faces and tastes.

With 200+ local businesses, schools, and other public services nearby, Pine Hills is not far from anything that you might ever need. And with Albany's efficient CDTA Metro and Bus system, you can go to any of these local stores (and farther) in a matter of minutes!

Real Estate in Pine Hills

The feel of a residential neighborhood combined with the thrill of Downtown Albany are a perfect match when it comes to deciding where to live or open a new business. With a wide range of inhabitants, many services, from general to specific, are bound to find patrons in the area.

There are many local Real Estate offices near Pine Hills, and a few within the area itself. Explore the unique architecture of some of Pine Hills' iconic buildings, and you might just get hooked!


Every bit as eclectic as its residents! From the imposing, Roman-like style of columned St. Vincent's Church, the intricate carvings of the Albany Police Department's Center Station, the old style red brick dorms of UAlbany's downtown campus, to the comfy Victorian style of a local bed & breakfast, the local architecture varies to please every taste.

map of the Pine hills neighborhood


Pine Hills neighborhood borders on the campus of The College of Saint Rose and Washington Park, and is only a block away from the downtown UAlbany campus. Battlefield Park is located on the eastern edge of the neighborhood, and high school students are within walking distance of Albany High School.

For more information, visit the Pine Hills Association website.

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