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Color Coded Security Lines At Albany Airport

ALBANY NY - New color-coded lines at Albany International Airport based on traveler experience are expected to improve security lines and reduce stress levels for travelers.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses the codes to divide travelers into three "self-select" security lanes, separating the more experienced travelers from the less experienced or higher maintenance travelers. Skiiers might recognize the familiar code system... green circle for beginner, blue square for intermediate and black diamond for expert.

Beginner Airport Security Lane

Families & Special Assistance
  • New to flying
  • Groups
  • Assistance needed
  • Small children
  • Strollers

Intermediate Airport Security Lane

Casual Travelers
  • Familiar with TSA procedures
  • Multiple carry-ons
  • Limited assistance

Expert Airport Security Lane

Expert Travelers
  • Expert at TSA procedures
  • Always ready with items removed
  • Travels light
  • Elite frequent flyer member
  • Flies more than twice a month

All self-select lanes are still held to the same TSA security standards.

The beginner lane is wider than the other two, leaving ample room for wheelchairs, strollers and the like. This lane is especially tailored to new travelers, large groups, families and special needs people who may need a bit longer to get through security. The blue lane is for the next step up, moving a bit faster but still with some assistance from TSA officials. And the black lane is for the frequent and experienced traveler, namely those who have the TSA procedure down pat and can go speedily through security without a hitch.

Color-coded security lines had already been successfully implemented in 36 other airports across the country before coming to Albany. TSA officials revealed the new color-coded system at Albany International Airport on September 11, 2008 -- the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks in NYC.

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