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Bridal Bootcamp Near Albany?

Schenectady Bride ExercisesSCHENECTADY NY - It's wedding season in the Capital District, and the number-one priority for many brides-to-be is to look their best on the big day. For most, this means eating healthier and exercising a little more. At Best Fitness gym in Schenectady, it means enlisting in Bridal Boot Camp!

Karli Goering, head personal trainer at Best Fitness, started Bridal Boot Camp this year to accommodate the many brides looking for a program to help them get in shape for their wedding day. While she is a far cry from a drill sergeant, Goering wanted to provide ladies with a fun new perspective on exercise while helping them get serious about shaping up.

Bridal Boot Camp lasts six weeks and meets twice a week. The program focuses heavily on upper body muscle toning, including brides' upper backs, shoulders, arms and waists - the most common problem areas for wedding dress woes. Brides also commit to an at-home exercise routine and healthy eating during the six-week program.

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