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Kids Video Podcast About Henry Hudson

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In recognition of this being the Quadricentennial of Henry Hudson's voyage down the Hudson River, a children's website called Meet Me At The Corner filmed a video podcast here in Albany.

This informational video features a young girl named Aglaia who gives some general information about the Hudson River and its landmarks while providing a brief history of Henry Hudson's voyage. Aglaia also interviews Linda Hudson, a local folk artist and historian, who sings and uses instruments to convey the music of the Hudson as well as offering some additional historical facts. Most of the podcast is set right on the banks of the Hudson River.

Meet Me At The Corner features Virtual Field Trips for Kids where kids create and upload their own video podcasts in which they are the star. This free educational series of video podcasts is for kids by kids, ages 7-12. Visit the website at to learn more.

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