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RPI Hockey Couldn't Ask For A Better Leader

Meet The New JFK Jr.

RPI Men's Hockey Captain John KennedyPeople look twice at his ID.

They would, when the name reads John Kennedy, Jr.

His father was named after the president, and he, after his father. His grandmother actually received a letter in the mail from the president congratulating her on his father's birth and his given name.

A George W. Bush checked him out at the register one day and the two shared a laugh.

Though this Kennedy may not be the President of the United States, he is a president of another kind. He is the RPI Men's Ice Hockey team captain -- for the second year. He has a strong group of colleagues around him, also. Not one to demerit his teammates, he notes that '[he] may wear the 'C' but we all rely on each other and collectively lead the team.'

He's been playing hockey since he was four and half - entranced by a commercial for his local ice rink; he is the first in his family to play the sport. A tough defender at heart, he's been working to add some offensive to his game, but it's the blue line where he stands most firm.

Not only is this young gentleman the leader of the team, he is also studying chemical engineering. Quite a feat; quite a balancing act. And why RPI? - well, why would anyone who wants to study engineering refuse a mascot who is, in fact, an Engineer? (Though the academic acclaim of the school and the coaching staff of the hockey team didn't hurt, either). Not surprisingly, after RPI he does wish to pursue a career in hockey, eventually running his own national hockey camp.

A moment that he will never forget (one of the most rewarding moments thus far at RPI, he said) was playing sled hockey against the local team here in the capital region. Not only did it help him see his sport from a different angle, but he learned a 'thing or two on the ice' from the big-hearted players.

His final question was to finish this sentence: "Hockey is…"

'…what I love to do.'

We sure hope that his love for the sport prevails and lends RPI a successful season!

Photo courtesy of RPI Athletics